House with Revolving Observatory


Sketch of a hexagonal sided house with solar panels on the roof. Note the black water reclamation pipes which lead to an underground solar power reservoir which acts as underfloor heating. 90% of the house is built from reclaimed materials or ecological concrete which in turn lowers its carbon emissions by 90%. Built on a reclaimed brownfield site; the house sits in the middle of a development of 90 affordable houses. Why is there 90 of everything? idk:) The house works!! (well it will when ecological concrete becomes more practical i.e. affordable) For more information on ecological concrete visit… Happy reading and Happy Christmas!

ps. The house also incorporates a rotating roof which at times of peak efficiency follows the arc of the sun across the sky to maximise solar efficiency. In addition, the rotator can be used to align the observatory telescope room located on the top floor with the stars you want to look at!

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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