Rhyming Adventures

First word, First line, first stanza,

Just like in The Tales of LaMancha

Our hero is abroad on horseback

And no-one is there to make him rack

His brains, nobility, pride and bravery

For escaping the tedium he calls modern slavery

Hark! a lady in some distress is calling

An opportunity to prove his manliness!

He gallops off at pace, catches her from falling

The kind lady showers him with words of gratitude!

With pride beating a drum in his chest

he rides for hours again before taking a rest

After nuptials, he pens a letter to himself no less

‘Did a wise thing today, and was thanked for it,

I did a good deed and then didn’t outstay my welcome’,

‘Whats more I was thanked for it! A knight I soon

maybe if I can save enough old ladies from falling

Indeed It feels like my true calling! So goodnight

fine fellow and rest until the morrow!’

He pitches his tent and goes to sleep under the stars

No evening spent at inns trawling women and bars

During the night it got cold and wet no wonder that

he woke up feeling upset at his predicament. But he

packed his saddlebags and mounted his steed

Off in search of another good deed!


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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