Insidious remarks

Which word do you choose?

I have no control

over me or you

working on big things

things that bite and bump and scream

evil slime and bile intestine

No matter how you paint my frown

it is you who is going down, aha aha

Going down

Going down

Going down


It is you who are going down


It is you who are going down


Another day goes by in a minor key

Thrice I prayed for no more days like these

(As I bring you to your knees)

There is a calm silence that can only be broken

by the sound of your screams. Your screams are

Music to me, Sing me a melody of pain, of your pain.

The cleansing of your soul, the purification within

The droplets of blood a decoration.


Of your tableau of pain, of pain, of pain.

A Watkins Nov. ’17

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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