Once there was a man

and that man had a plan

to write the best poetry

in the land.

So off he went in search

of inspiration.

He went to a field and spied a dandelion. Right down did he put his nose and sniff did he. And up his nose flew a bumble bee.

He went to the biggest museum in the land and while he was there he cut his hand.

Then in a helicopter, he flew right up into the sky where he dropped his wallet right out of the door and lost it.

Then one day on the bus on the way home he met an old flame and they talked about the past and had a laugh and this put something into his mind.

No matter what life throws at us thought he and he remembered the bee that flew up his nose, he remembered the wallet lost and the cut on his hand and then he remembered the girl, her beauty inside and out. And he figured that life is a bit like a bitter sweet symphony and he sat down and wrote this song.

Her name was Delilah, she was  stunner

Every fellah wanted her on him

But then she fell for me one day out of the blue

Life isn’t a story 

it’s like flu

Achoo – She appeared out of the gloom

Achoo – Then she was in my room

Achoo-  Then it was time to say goodbye

I didn’t have time to ask her why?

Oh the things we see around us

compare and compel us, twisting and shouting

snorting and rooting

towards the centre.

He fiddled with his tie as he weighed up the merits of the little poem song he had written. THen he sighed screwed it into a ball and said ‘Well at least I tried,’

‘Poetic wisdom…’ came a voice from the laptop speakers

So he sat down and watched BBC3


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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