How much of a poet are you?

so?   I am going insane. The need to be poetic is ruling me. Pedants note I speak in syllables 1,2,3. I think it’s an escape. Haiku, Espresso, Allegory I’ll have three. That is the poet in me. Dee dee dee. Fucking smug motherfockas talking on the radio but thats all there is to listen to. I’ts no wonder I sound like a drunk DJ – Thats what I am. Playing for myself. Allegory. He carried a heavy load down a long road. it weighed heavily on his shoulders. He also carried a burden there. What? WHAT? Burden? A donkey on his shoulder is better than a monkey! So there. Pull your socks up and enjoy. Sasparilla. Sounds macho like Hello John Wayne Is This Me Am I You or some such bullshit. Spit into your sink instead of a spitoon and whistel dixie or at the postman. Muhammed Ali! What a tramp! Isn’t drunk great?

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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