Staring at the sea

I am a poet. I can make it.

The sea gives me inspiration.

I take it. I hear a call, I fake it.

I am a living being. A mortal.

Pitting my skills against Poseidon…


Standing on the shore staring out.

The sea stares back, oblivious

Obviously, I have clout

to choose my time, my weapon of choice

to defeat the incoming tide

to cease the action.


I choose to defer the fight until one day

when the sea stand still and I like armour

walk out sending saltwater ripples to India

and other far-off seas. I will again plant my staff

and speak quietly ‘action’.


Upon which time from far away over the horizon

will come to a roar to be afraid of

Poseidon riding a water Stallion

complete with armour and spear.


I will sit and wait till he is near. And then shout,

‘Global Warming CO2!! We know all about you currents and ocean streams over continents and seas. Give up the fight and hand me, the lady of the sea, my bride’

And thoroughly beaten he by mankind’s malady he produced at once

a poet of the sea.


Whom I took by the hand and introduced myself

‘poet, of land and sea, pleased to meetcha lady!’

She came home with me and the rest, for now, is history, evaporated.


I still hear her in my ear everytime fate draws near

the call of the lady of the sea.

And when I go out I hear her in my thoughts.

And when I worry she draws near

And when I pray she is in my thoughts.

But never can I find her gaze in a public place.

She isn’t made like me, the lady of the sea’


So now I need to rehydrate to Water Up and reclaim

What once belonged to me.

To Poseidon, once more Poseidon Do I make myself clear?

I command thee, ruler of the restless sea, return my lady to me!! (to me)

Return my lady to me!


Perhaps I am so far away and so commonplace that he ignores me. perhaps he doesn’t even hear me.

I have made the journey, nay the pilgrimage to where once the lady did come to me and I spoke to the God himself but what seems lacking could be chemistry.

What reaction?

What formula?

What Measurements?

What subscriptions?

Tiny URL is me

tiny as a crab in a rockpool, only a baby, whats left of me.

p-sei-don, ps-eid-on, ps-ei-don I command me!!

‘Grow UP!’ Said I

‘Don’t be a wimp, Stand up and be a man!!’ said a voice


So, wearing my badges of time and of pleasure (seemingly fatuous feeling) I perspire freely and march steadily once more to the sea.

Lady of the sea, Come forth, I command thee! I shouted loudly.

A seagull flew overhead and the world otherwise ignored me.


I think being built on pleasure which is shifting like sand no castle could be built upon me. I need the rock of experience to guide me.

So off I went and through trials of land and fire did put myself until I had enough experience to lay down on the ground before me and call it ‘my home’

And again I returned to the beach and called directly.

‘From the sand of the beach, out of my reach, lady come before me’

And I waited. and waited. Wait some Was I? made famous by the grains underneath me?

But it was a day before I heard a noise which waked me and a voice which did say

‘may I come inside’ which scared me so I said ‘NO’ loudly and went back to sleep.


Oh malady, m’lady mad at lad me! How sorry can I be?

There isn’t a happy ending in sight. How can I put things right?


One day I journey back to the sea and look for the rock of ages.

I bit down on it with all my might and cracked a tooth clean out.

With blood running down my face I shouted ‘Lady of the Sea, Come to me’

People looked at me like I was crazy. Some lady offered me a tissue and suddenly I felt the pain in my tooth so ran off home.

The next time I sought lady I would be ready. So I called again to the sea every Friday and half-past three until I heard a reply. Three false alarms and a prohibition order I did receive.

I decided that although he was a man of God form I would go for Poseidon and use the CO2 alarm like I did before.

This got me a punch in the jaw.

Forsaken by whom? Didn’t I nurture words from the womb?


Wandering days ensued and with much encouragement, I made a plan. To catch out Poseidon at his own game. I spied upon a webcam someone doing it in a foreign land. Now I have the answers minus one. All I need is to westernise and make them mine.

How folly was I as I was ignored by both Poseidon and his lady, the sea.

One day I tripped on a rock as I aimed pebbles at the waves and fell down upon my nose.

I felt sorry for myself and my woes did proclaim ‘Nobody ever listens to me’ and as snot ran down my nose I knew it to be true. Forever I would be blue.

But then as The sea soaked into my cold trousers and over my chest, I heard a sound a chorus of a melody. I looked up and saw three faces heavenly singing to me. Mermaids of the sea. They smiled and coddled and made a fuss. I felt remembered and alive and did they remain in my memory as I made my way home? I was filled with words and their love.

So the next time I went to the sea I went with a joy that I hadn’t felt for a long time.

I approached the shore put one foot in the water and said solemnly.

‘Poseidon and Lady. You have tricked me. You are heartless soul free beings.

I have worked and wept and been in salt water up to m’ chest and have discovered

dignity. Come or come not to me this day. For I can go away and play In my own realm

where I have learned to make a stand and not to feel sorry for myself!! No longer like a forlorn wood elf but I make my ribs like a ship’s timbers and say I am not going away!!

I am not going away!! Gods are forgotten. Words are beholden to me and carry me to a place with those I wish to be with. And make it sharpish.’

I waited and waited then saw in the distance a wave heading in my direction.

And I asked myself. ‘Could this be- my lady of the sea?’


to be continued…

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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