It’s also meaning time this afternoon. MP’s have begun detailed scrutiny. My mouth is closed and it feels warm (like baby snakes) Primary School. Assistant Sherrif. God there is so much suffering in the world. White and British. clip of bullets. I love you. It’s time.

Let’s go.

Red is the colour of my soul. Play that tune again, play that tune, like rain falling into my upturned

mouth. My heart ching in tune. We will march towards the rainbow. Everywhere.


It’s music in my ears, the colours everywhere.


baby snakes again



Yes, I agree. Totally. I totally agree.

What is a poet?

I wish to emulate

What is a girl?

The food on my plate

Who are we all?

The writing on the wall

What does it mean?

All that I have seen


What will come to be





Crann, Balla Cloch Tirim

Éin a chimeann

Luach sin…


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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