The Unending Cold

When God and Allah combined
to take over my living room
I had no idea wheels were in motion.
Hashem had jews queuing for miles outside
While amphora containing honey accumulated on the floor
And they all complained of the cold
But the heating was on the blink
and the boiler was under lock and key and nobody could find the key.
The English winter cold they said was like no other as they tried to sneak into my bed and under the duvet where it was warm
I had to say No, Thank you for your honey but go outside
And the children came and waved their toys around
But still, nobody knew.
Then came the man. Don with his key. All went quiet as
he produced from under his jacket a little silver key
which he placed into the padlock. Everybody held their breath.
He turned the key and the lock clicked open to the sound of cheers.
Somebody came along with a lighter and soon the heating was going again.
I collected empty amphora while thousands passed through my living room that night.
The night of the man Don and the key to the central heating.

by Andrew Watkins, Sept, 2017

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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