Nirvana Time

Mistress time
I mean like a school madam
not having a mistress
anyhoo you need to be married
to have a Mistress
Mis-dress, misspell, misplace
time hangs around like oxygen
mimicking its good points
then leaving you isolated
or run down. Out of it time.
Out of time. Shitty time.
You say I am not ready for a relationship
Well, I have one with time.
Time to get up, time to eat, time to pay those bills
Time to rest, time to sleep (time to fuck)
There I go again. Making short time. Making quicklime.
Time to drive. Time is sublime. Bottle it and sell it in a neon sign.
Time ran out again. Whose time is it anyway? Your time. My time.
Our time. Euurgh! Quality time together. Time for justice! Peace time.
Our time is your time. Your time is my time. My time is Now!
Thigh high boots tell me it’s pussy time.
Are we married already pussy? You sure take up a lot of my time.
You pretend to be my mistress but you are NOT. Time is my mistress. Mystery, history, present and future time. Go stand in line.
And queue.

Andrew Watkins this time. Copyright Andrew Watkins 2017.


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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