The little path to greatness

The little path to greatness
is a MarioWorld of jumps, power-ups (with awesome sound effects)and mushrooms
No. It is made of God and prayer, Luck and judgement, Hard work and toil sunshine and bad weather
It’s a walk through the wood that leads to a mountain path that leads to the chariots of the gods.
It’s a walk to school preceded by a baby’s first crawl, first steps and doddering drool.
It’s that bicycle ride that runs out of control until Bang you hit the wall!
It’s getting up again to face them all.
It’s walking home with a puncture
It’s carrying bad news in your chest
It’s feeling your heart beat in your breast
It’s authentic and local, It’s paranormal and global
It’s family, It’s friends, It’s strangers at the park
It’s partying after dark
It’s the long walk home with friends or alone
It’s getting your homework done on time
It’s waiting for dinner, standing in line
It’s ironing your clothes ready for the day
It’s carrying your brother over the hump in the road
It’s saying you will fight and defend what is right
It’s making all the bad things that happened right
It’s doing it day after day after stultifying day
It’s doing it for them, It’s doing it for you, for the crew
It’s doing it when there’s no-one else around
But most of all It’s doing it when nobody else cares
It’s doing it because it matters when the road is long.
And to make the world a better place.
It’s blue and grey it’s the full bloody rainbow
it’s what you decide and what you feel inside
It’s moldable, It’s makeable It’s delicate and breakable
It’s resilient and strong, interesting and long
It’s what you are made of not what others tell you
So take that knife and carve yourself a life.
For today and tomorrow for here and the world over
Stand up and be counted Find a horse and mount it
And enjoy your diet cola with ice cream float and cherry fizz bombs!

Written by Andrew Watkins

©2017 Andrew Watkins


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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