Man and Girl

Willow Pond
The bed magazine ashtray can of pop, Coca-Cola curtains are drawn full bin that smells of apple cores magazine that is open to a page for men’s fragrance and behind the closed door and inviting well-lit hall with doors off it niggling doubt before floating view of other people doing the same walking destination prisoner absorbing images of self rooted to the spot the sky above the unknown behind you? blue car controls before you steering wheel on the wrong side makes you think of churches you have been to drinks and sandwiches on a day out Pikachu vicars and friends sons and lovers the magazine blue.
in shadow model in half light large letters blue bottle GIVENCHY in black 48 points high in the  bin that smell is nauseating so you have a pot of yoghurt the magazine glossy 300-400 grams golden haired beauty stares at you from every page film stars with designer stubble and dark suits full body shot expensive shoes glamourous blonde Australian actress, blue eyes, white teeth, gold earrings and Versace dress Nicole Kidman is her name chiselled jawed model wearing suit smiles at you big dialled watch gleams at you from the opposite page, the smell of the magazine tired behind your eyes double vision Neil Gaiman JK Rowling Blue.

© 2017 Andrew Watkins

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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