Intergalactic Tomato Ride


It’s like a map, he said sitting at the corner of the bed
knife in hand, blood dripping from veins
Mean while on the supergalactic tomato
Boneface makes an appearance to bow
‘Hello, I am boneface. Here is faceless and mok and tew and finally boredom who will know you by now’
Hello and welcome to my room.
Well one of them anyway. I live in a mansion y’know.
but only the sky can see in clearly
through a little hole in a roof nor
I love God all the same.
But this tomato has pips to shoot the intergalactic lane!
And mass and gravity said mok and tew, respectively.
So here I go. Remove cloaking device. Engage Afterburners.
Countdown to tomato stew.
Poem b y Andrew Watkins. Image by Andrew Watkins. Created in Paint.
© 2017 Andrew Watkins

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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