Dresden’s Bloody Flow

Dresden 1945 worldwartwo.filminspector.;com

The hill captures the spirit of an age
all can look upwards and see its peak
Zombies moping around at the bottom
cause a squeeze. Should I zombie or follow?
Spare parts for sale get your android here!
Get your arms here! Energy pills for sale!
Words for Swords and the incessant kill
What I leave behind others will follow.

Death roar blows Swallow the whales
Climb up on your comrades back, implode
scramble your limbs find a foothold, grip
for all your are worth grip for stability
Screaming while your whimper inches from your fate

Inside outside a view of the manor
Get ready for the crescendo. Finish.
Dream a mile for every push back.
Forget reality. You are mine. Tonight.
Eat warm food. Drink warm beer. Feel warm. Nothing more.
Carp a lift at the next rally point and rejoin the mad scramble for the hill.

Smoke and mirrors blind the vision and make the old new
so the blood of your comrades continue to flow unnoticed
and you do nothing to staunch the flow
soaking wet bandage finally discarded
hear the moan of humanity and join the flow
For all your yesterdays you sacrificed tomorrow.
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Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

Self-taught artist and writer

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