M.I + T.I.A

Myocardial infarction

Transient ischemic attack

get my juices flowing with your knowledge

then skewer me on a fish hook and dangle me

into the bear pit where my blood drips slowly

arousing their nostril stares. then drop me

falling into the street, not conversation street

but the real thing and watch as little birds

fly about my head in rings confusing me

for the blockbuster ‘ do you want a cup of coffee?’

the answer is I don’t know I don’t care I can’t care for

what I no longer know. myself. a dripping tap. an old rat.

What is dat?

A Cue?

I got it bad for you.

Little missy

You make me like a little sissy

playing with ringlets of hair

on streets impersonal and alien

lost in a wimple whine silence

at the beauty of a horse.

We got riding, on the bus

we got luck, cursed bad stuff

we got plenty, of everything we don’t need.

We got riches of posters on the walls

we got servants of state knocking at the door

we got furniture clogging up the hallways

we got cholera on mail order from the Andes.

Nothing is sacred around here lest my soul

and my interpersonal. And love. there’s always love.

So. I have had my moment again. I have plenty of time

I am Smaug with my time and pictures and verse. But feel no remorse.



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