Post Christmas Poem

Ho hum goes the bellows
tired out of puff
it’s glum at the gallows
but enough of that stuff
the sun is shining
and there’s a chill in the air
Done putting your coat on
and not having a care
And going outside in the
wind and the rain
and striking conversation
with a happy refrain
In Keeping up with the joneses
and not picking your noses
I know It’s not pretty inside
and how things were different when you were a child
its almost eight o clock
just time for one more stop
before we all start again.
if you’re feeling tired just yawn
and make your excuses
and head off to neverland
with a head full of juices
and play with Tinkerbell
and peter until morning time.
Now Christmas is over for one more year
forget the presents and concentrate
on what’s real and priceless
the gift of giving something you love.
And having them around to hug
So goodnight little ones
and big ones too
You have all made me this Christmas
a Happy Pikachu.


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