To My Black Pony

I like your boots pony. I like your hair/mane
which drives me insane! I like your black ears
your nose and your eyes that can tell no lies.
Incredible secrets you hold inside dear pony
a whirlwind of treachery and crying times pony.
You need never tell me pony, just give me your
walking times pony and your whinny and swish
your tail pony. You make me wrinkle my nose.
You’re so CUTE!!! pony and you’re all mine!

And you work! Pony your are a black shire horse
made cuter and smaller and packaged up for the man!
You’re smart to working with computers half your age
and developing those all important work relationships.
And I never hear you complain pony when it goes wrong
When the rains come and the snow makes it hard to grip
you’re my hero pony. I don’t mind saying so. It’s so hard.
But you carry on.

But I can tell you’re sad because of those big black eyes
that shine so brightly letting no light escape them pony.
Can you see me pony? Did you know that I cried pony just the other night?
Yes, pony I cried tears that contained fishes from the sea pony. Just hold me pony
be by my side pony. Let us walk pony and forget the other night pony. Look the stars are out pony
Up there in the sky pony where all the other ponies meet.
What am I pony? Asbestos? Light a fire under me pony. Just to see pony.

And what of your family. With whom do you share a field?
Foxes and farmers with shotguns at their side and tractors and barking dogs pony
I have heard them all laughing as you stand there alone pony ignoring you pony
You heard me approaching pony and walked over to me pony to talk didn’t you pony?
And tell me now what you saw and what you heard. And don’t leave out a single word.
Put down your hoof onto this pad of ink pony and tell me you are telling the truth.

Tonight pony everything is under wraps for a surprise is coming out of the night
And woe betide the stranger walking alone nearby for his ears will go pop
and his eyes go wide and then he and his dog will go hide from all the noise and spectacle
going on inside his head and he runs for his bed he will never forget the night he
saw me propose pony down on one knee pony for all the world to see pony me declare my undying love for you!
Fireworks Pony, Just for you! Will you be my bride?


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