It Doesn’t Wash Does It?

Are we the British public on the brink of becoming like Americans? Does Brexit signal a change in Opinion or just more headlines for the newspapers to feed on? Does politics in the twenty-first century actually have anything to do with targets or are we supposed to happy and content with the shore leave rhetoric of British politicians?

Army cadets the once proud members of our fighting forces. Now lackeys for unpaid work.

High Streets the once proud burger bar now a snivelling place for delinquent dole dodgers.

In my youth there was only one Britain. You left school and then somehow magically got a job and got married and got a pension. Magic. Gullivers Travels more real. Poetry more real.

Being a Politician is not an admission of guilt

of Media savvy and the punchline photograph.

Nor is it the ability of having the right friends

to open the right doors at the right time. It’s instead a free pass to celebrity of the kind bestowed on Morecambe and Wise. Comfortable, cuddly people whose opinion we don’t care about so long as we see them smiling at the camera.

If they are the managers of our country then why not hold interviews for the jobs and then rate them on performance instead of on imponderables?

But that involves defining what it is a politician is actually supposed to do. Do we pay them to speak about whatever problems are happening? Or is it that we want someone to complain to when things get badly wrong?

Now we have multiple Britains aided in no small part by technology which the current establishment seem woefully inadequate in.

Anyway. I must do what I am good at (I hope) and stop rambling. So. Limerick

There was an old-timer from New York

who was bored of the name on his passport

So he looked at the seal and thought ‘I could do a deal.

and went on to become in charge of it ALL.



Brexit, Brexit, Brexit, I wonder thought Phillip

Will I be here long enough to see what passes

or will I be presenting to Nigel Farage, King of New England

and savior of Britain Kind next year in the new world.

What does this mean for a seventy-year-old WI County Board Member?

What does it mean for her disabled son living in the gutter? (metaphorically at least)

Depressing monologue cum soliloquy which we will skip to concentrate on the news.


Where was I?

The news. 



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