Kawai Iceberg

I live in Iceberg
I play my favourite songs
And put the heater on full
and blast away the chills.

I have a chimney and outside there is a green field
but no animals live nearby only abominable snowmen
who eat my friends the seals.

The sun is high in the sky lighting up the inside of my iceberg
but no heat penetrates the icy thickness
that like glasses make my life all blurred.

One day a fox came down the chimney and
we made a bed in front of the fire
and told each other stories
all the night.

Pork chops come by sea floated out on
the bellies of seals from my friends
a continent away in the mountains.

Now I write this I send my reply
All is well here, if a little cold
Chilly times! Please send more pork chops!

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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