Family Dinner

Authonomy is something to Aspire to
While meaning down in the stew
in the gravy where the meat separates
and the vegetables tenderise.

Entire nations of Mars Attacks
live down there polishing their spaceship
and maintaining death ray guns
whilst enjoying the rich aromas.

Someone is stirring the pot with
a wooden handled spoon whilst
humming a tune and glancing
around the room

The front door opens and clicks
shut with authority. It’s the mailman
come home and he has a parcel for his wife.
Outside the windows clouds gather in gloom.

Toy race cars and my little pony enjoyed in their fantasy worlds
by youngsters, learning to use their minds
As they crash through barriers whiny and shrill
the sound of normality comes from a shout

Dinner is Ready!

When the house is bathed in midnight oil
and the only sound is of breathing then the
mouse opens one eye then another and creeps
out of his hiding place cheese in mind…


Inspired by Authonomy Gold Medal Winner, Richard Ankers.

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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