And walking past the newspaper stand my breath pregnant with terror

Andrew Watkins Copyright 2016 ©

In the past in a desert with red sand dunes lies a fortress buttressed by the weather.

Oasis trees where camels drink away their thirst.l

Dreaded dust storms come and blanket everything in zero feet.

Shutters are drawn and the animals brought inside.

Dust storm sasses ten miles wide makes new landscapes with each noisy stride.

New world meets us as we emerge from inside. The earth has been

Transformed into something new and less boring than before.

So much for learning or burying your head in the sand. The present will take you away from this fantasy land

Self-satisfaction and giants there might be but all it takes is scurrying in the dark that scares you.

Who will come to care for you? Frightened soul.You know who you are.

Even if I don’t care anymore.Home magnificent.You Should be tolerated not magnified.


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