End-In-Jet-Son – A Tigger Story

Bouncy, Bouncy, Bouncy Went Tigger down the forest path!
I want oranges! said Tigger bouncing over to the orange tree.
Ah Said Pooh, But you can’t peel them with your paws and claws
you need a knife and fingers or just fingers.
mmm said Tigger. What shall we do?
Then came along little Christopher Robin. Tigger and Pooh were lying on the ground din front of a huge pile of luscious oranges chewing a piece of grass.
Yawn Tigger!
MMM! Oranges! said, Christopher Robin.
‘Yes! they’re ours’, said Tigger ‘we need someone to peel them for us.’
I could peel them said, Christopher Robin
It’s easy you just make a hole then take the end and peel like this.
mmm, Juicy said Tigger. swallowing an orange whole
You should chew said, Pooh.
oh no, I got indigestion said Tigger. Oooohhhhh!
Walk it off said, Pooh
Here! try these End-In-Jet-Son Tablets said Christopher Robin (Camera Zoom in on Pack) They are new from Insect laboratories
Or you could try honey said Pooh Holding up a jar smiling widely. (camera Zoom) Everyone laughs
Camera Zoom foreground pack of End-In-Jet-Son out to All three laughing in front of a big pile of oranges.
The End

Wrote this to cheer myself up!

Copyright allowed. This is a fiction. Copyright remains with the holder.

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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