Clever Titles Work (Sometimes)

Crisis, Neoliberal hegemony crushing intellectual freedoms in the new Bovver Boot. Should the student be worried?


When Piaget and penguin paperbacks were on every self-respecting fifteen-year-old student who had serious ambitions of attending and PARTICIPATING in university life When sociological discourse was not something derided. When Derrida was HEARD and it wasn’t all I’m alright Jacque!


When BDSM was something you did while experimenting not consuming. When consciousness was disputed and a voice arose out of the media saying It’s OK to think. We are academics. It’s what we do.


This is how I remember intellectual pursuits while growing up. Outside of the institutions that had nurtured and grown these voices I felt assured that should the time come to pick up where secondary education left off the main problems I would face would be time management and financial security, as well as tonnes and tonnes and OODles of reading.


Now I am reading AROUND the subjects that have interested me the most, and to be fair that means most of them, I find that as well as the ending of student funding, the global financial crisis and commercialism entering the acquisition of knowledge stage of the nation’s societal development we have another problem. The Oxford of Inspector Morse is gone replaced by Endeavour. And the institutions ain’t what they used to be.


I should have recognised the neo-nazi fascism I experienced would not go away. I should have realised that time does more than pass it gives people the opportunity to change and that is what is needed if we are to again enter the domain of the academic shoulders that we can all rise above with a little strength and effort.


While our legs are being chopped we will NOT continue to STAND and  stay SILENT anymore.


For the student to succeed he needs money and shoulders to push off from. The cuts have broken down the support that students traditionally expected and now they face a join the dots education where serious academic thought isn’t discussed, just graded like Junior School work. Its approbation by the powers that be and the outgoing generation who also did away with meaningful pension pots is just another example of how difficult it is to remain optimistic about our nation’s future.


Smartphone app anyone?


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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