After i wrote my first few words
I appreciated that there was more than wisdom
to knowledge and form took me so long to learn
I must have been a basin all along.
Then along came a tap or faucet you know
until i turned it down to a steady drip
a regular sine wave I sounded like radio
then i found its best when i turn the tap
round this way and that, for an effect not
dissimilar to a dying bumble bee.
In a struggle for words I might contain
a few that lose a few that gain currency
there i said it, in natures harmony
or maelstrom, the quiet at the eye of a storm
and wonder how best to explain that
there is a reason for everything.
Words have been my refuge from many a storm
I have weathered in ages old and young
and they carried me on a litter out of
what I knew and the pain thereof into
new lands previously undiscovered.
Not patient enough to wait for justice
I make my own path through the tangled
forest and make friends with the animals
as I go. If anything this has been my motto.


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