Within these walls, lies inside a story told to a young child.

Wherein this tale is a truth of a fable yarned

Inside this song hides painful realities

Beside the notes are chords of mentalities

and in the pitch are beats or normalities.

In my head In my song it’s listening in a heartbeat

it’s too fast it’s too long to shear any kind of meaning

I got myself and my codes give myself a little leaning

to the pros and the cons of this musical heartbeat

got to rest in my soul and find a little comfort

from the tearing ways and the life of discomfort

that I’m always a feeling, always a feeling.

Walk that road turn that corner open a door for another

We only know what we see and feel what we feel

We only live this life once and in happenstance

the meaning of it is lost.

the meaning is lost.

Carp your story to another line and break

from the tale you been tellin’

Where there’s always people yellin’

Telling you what to do work on the farm.

And tell this story and spin this yarn.

But I am telling you its all in your head

When you get out of your bed you can choose to go to work

then break with tradition and religion

go your own way. Go your own way.

And squash. Squash,Squash,Squash.

Squash it all in. Squash it all in.

To what you do and what you say.

To where you go and where you stay

Squash it all in.

Squash it all in.



I’ve been jamming on my keyboard this afternoon…

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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