Tinkle Bear

C’mon bear you can tinkle down here
where the hedgerows meet the stream
And watch out for the spider gnat
that lays its eggs in a little sac.
in your eye, so keep them closed.
I will take your bag and turn my back.
Be quick. It’s no fairytale just life in the vale.
Another sunset to wish goodbye
another tear to wipe away.
God gives no reasons for his folly
So why should I?
Look towards the sky so heavenly
and be closer to that which made thee
and send up a prayer to let them know your listening
to the symphony that surrounds you
Number one in the lonely charts again.
What about new music from the east?
At least that’s different and moves to a different beat?
I can see why people go there to soak up the milieu
When the west is prescribed to us from birth to death.
We want to come. We want to come. That’s me alone.l and me.
Me and my soliloquy. Have passport will go. To wherever is slow. Take me to your countryside and let me fly a kite. Where the sky is white.
And I can paint. in reds and greens. Oranges and maroons.
Or solid black and white. Dark green smoky reds whispering blues.
And a computer to HSV the hues. Tokyo art shop! open your doors!
to a prize winner with an unlimited credit card! And we will spend a while
taking time to learn the language for ‘Whats that for Miss or Sir?’
Taking time to invest in some Manga Store in Taipei tea ceremony.
tea leaves floating and feeling bloated I retire. Ipad turning on again.
I do up my flies and try not to dribble inside. You were quick.
Yeah, I had my mind on other things. Yeah, bear, that’s you. Head in the clouds while you are on mine. C’mon. Let’s go.Bear In The Clouds..jpeg


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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