Black Star2.
My Latest Creation. Black Star by Andrew Watkins 2016 


I am soon to be a published poet. Last week I received a letter from United Press and in it was the  news I have been praying for. They want to publish one of my poems. Great news!


The poem which is titled ‘My Mess Is Where I am At My Best’ will be available in the anthology ‘Moments of Inspiration’ which will be in bookshops  around December 2016!. And there will be a copy of the book held in the British Library and other libraries.

The poem which I have never published on WordPress before came to me along with three other pieces of original work in one sitting. The others didn’t make it but this one did.

My Mess Is Where I Am At My Best

My mess is where I am at my best.
My mess is what makes me.
And though I might even hate me.
My mess will have an answer I hope.
Your mess is what drives me.
Without your mess I don’t thrive.
You get the gist.
You make me glad to be alive.
Our mess is where I get lost.
I might mistake you for a mote of dust
And apologise for being alive inside.
Our mess.
Where up and down is both around and the same;
I see your face and I know your name,
but that’s not all at all, at all; that’s not all, at all.
Leaving you a mess, is a mess;
But back in my mess I can see,
That we’re all the same because well,
We’re all the same.
And stupidly I believe you see things the way I do,
Because I believe in our mess I believe.


I will post details of where you can get the book at the time. Thanks for reading!


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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