A Weekend Away

Devil! Take your literally and take it straight to hell. Let it burn

It’s a lonely dark road encompassed within your smile and beckons within to come to aid.

Of a poor lonely stranger who knows of rags to riches and beyond.

Who will take this bridegroom home to scatter cushions and wine sips above your behind in bed?

Who will marry else and before? Can a future be made of bits and pieces of mind cake?

Will the prophets see it coming? Will they do all the knowing?

We will do all the knowing. There. Take a blanket and suck on it. For both of us.


Life without a care brewing steadily like tea and biscuits and Orange marmalade.

Cajole my spirit into a pillow fight and let the feathers fly. Be careful! We might break a vase!

Will we clarity vision behold on a widescreen HD-LCD Ultra HD Widescreen TV  With LCD DVD tray?

Whatever that means today.

Or Blu-Ray?

We will share the cooking and the washing-up. We will watch the horses come around the bend at Beecher’s brook and cheer at the last night of the Proms. Not because we’re British! but because we’re clones and born out of wine, love and curry takeaway and a comfy sofa germs.

Let’s all drink lemonade and toast the merry vine and toons and John Cravens Newsround!

Hip hip! Hurray. Hip Hip Hooray!

Sentence passed we still hold sway. Please put it away before the sun rises and makes fools of us both. Away! Away! Let the sun rise again for a new day when we can start again. Hurray. For the new Day Hurrah.

Now let us go to the nursery and pick up poor Dorothy who is having such a hard time with it all. And let us make haste so that no more time we will waste-ever, ever again.



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