Walls Of Humanity

Within these walls is a lie. It is you.
You came with deceit in mind and saw it through
with a smile while i cursed as you did not try to hide
the fact that getting one over is worth more than pride.
It will be then that there at the final reckoning you will look around
and see nobody like you who took his own flesh and blood.
And who thought themselves funny superior while looking in the mirror.
You might think I enjoy your humour within these walls of humanity so
monied, virtuous and true to art. Why it’s satire of the human condition!
Aren’t we all enlightened?
And you an artist will appreciate, Rome wasn’t built in a day and as
there is nothing else that springs to mind except who where and when
or why this mirror makes me look so bitter and twisted within
these walls of humanity. Look away, Look away make a game and play.
But you who did not ever reason with me will look down soberly when I gut you
in public for all to see how trite, right and cowardly you took your place threatened
by honesty or just plain ashamed that I did not want to be more like you.

The dream world evaporates whenever i look into this world of callous thought and right way thinking..


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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