Wave if you’re boiling hot!

It’s hot here at Vod Towers and I’ve got the fan turned up to three! (It doesn’t go any higher)

I think that we are (the royal WE) in the middle of a HEAT WAVE!

It’s so hot I have taken half of my clothes off and I am sitting here typing in my ankle braces (not that I have any) and bony knees. All alone except for the fan and music player!

Now isn’ t that sad. I could be getting annoyed with someone in the HEAT. I could be getting horny under the 15 tog duvet. Nah! I could be having a cold shower??

Nah! I’ll save it for the mo’ if that’s alright?

Well music is like heroin to my junkie senses which are alight and on End like I am hard and speaking to an utter cunt who i just want to fill. Make sense? I don’t know why I choose this music band because they feel all wrong!!

Today I met a career goal. I had mince beef hotpot for dinner. I went out and bought a nice cold bottle of white wine to drink or BOITE, as the French say.

I felt I had neglected my blog today after fulfilling my CAREER GOAL! so i thought I would sit down and type something. Tomorrow I am going to visit my father and have dinner at his house. Exciting ? Hardly can wait!.

Intellectually speaking is there such a word as extellectually. The spellcheck says NO!

Now I am coolER I want to write and tell you about my day. Well, I already did that. This is going out LIVE Well it’s hot and I took off half of my clothes!

It’s calm here like a still pond with swan gliding along not making a ripple. PEACE!

I am surrounded by my things which despite being just things are like Santas Little Helpers to me but I FORGET so often.

I am looking at my screen which despite its poor black and white contrast is an excellent little monitor.


I am listening to PLACEBO and today I met my career GOAL of uploading my PORTFOLIO to the AOI.COM where illustrators ARE! (Association of Illustrators.COM)


That’s it really. Now I wait for the commissioning emails or phone calls. Excellent! Thank you for reading. Cheerio! And COOL Off!





Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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