Wha? Wha?Wha? These people are too flocking slow for me

Wha? wha? wha?

This place on the edge of the fucking universe

Is too fucking slow for me.

Did I take the wrong fucking turning? and end up at the side of the fucking motorway?

Where are the people? Where is the town? Where are the people to be around?


What is this place? Purgatory?

What did I say? What did I do?

Did I forsake you Lord when I went to the loo?

What is this fucking place where people laugh at you?

And say they will do things that they never do?

Where people laugh and say your name like it never mattered anyway?

What is this place? that I call home? Where I invite my friends?

Who proceed to drive me around the fucking bend?

What did I do? How do I solve it? They are dong this on purpose?

To make me be a fucking accountant!




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