Instead of a smile forth teeth
Instead of a table for a day
Instead of boy or girl instead
I choose to live within my head
Forsooth, I pray every day
Instead of playing in the hay
I make glad to be in good health
Kleptomaniac behind be fine
Forsooth, broken glass kept clean I pray, I pray, I pray
PRAY Instead
Kleptomaniac catastrophe behind for back like me
back behind in front kleptomaniac garden sent are thee
I feel I like soothsayer today behind me kleptomaniac
mower back everybody tooth back there instead.
To there and back instead instead back instead instead instead
back for continue instead I’m fine peculiar and sent back fine now
continue pray continue for instead instead instead instead for back
and forth for back for forth instead forgive shalt thou sinner forgive
for back for forth instead for bread and butter butter forsooth another day. Instead instead instead kleptomaniac kleptomaniac GO AWAY! instead pray instead instead instead instead instead continue instead continue continue instead instead continue continue instead continue rest continue tertiary pray conitnue continue continue instead continue continue continue rest continue instead play instead instead pray instead rest continue cat dog mouse Antlers instead kept warm and dry instead instead instead rest continue continue choose instead continue I do continue instead kept warm and dry can’t continue pray instead.


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