First Date (In years) MEN ONLY

Is dating so bad?
It’s better done on your own terms
Forget those City girls and those trendy bars
There’s always a coffee and sandwich to eat
And a chat about what is important. Important to keep it light. Death is OK but not your bad habits. She will learn them soon enough.
If you are lucky you will be invited to tea
If not you can always try your luck and ask. She can only say no.
For encouragement, I recommend Weezer over beer, alcohol or spirits.
Arrive early and scope out the land best you can and find out when it closes on Saturday next week
you never know your luck it could be same time repeat for a chat and bite to eat.
Got someone to meet? Best to be in a hurry rather than hanging around (for a different girl)
So you got a repeat performance at home don’t be down it’s just the world turning around.
If you got the itch be glad you found it and rock out a bit on your own and be glad of it. You found a woman in this town who is hopefully fun to be around. Time will get you down. So plan a schedule and fit her around it or in it or over it or through it. Just make it work. You know it makes sense. And when you get past second base, tell all your mates! Or not.
Time soon goes by and they like to be in control as you know being a caring soul its best to let them have the benefit of the doubt where it exists lest you get caught in a fit or outburst not meant for you.
Don’t worry you were born clueless but she was born in the know. Get used to it. Slowly.
Once you get it down she’ll be more fun to be around in the car, on a date or at home.
You will wonder why you spent so long alone as you turn corner after corner without getting knocked down.
Then one day it will come via the phone. That girl from out of town wants you to be around again. Don’t panic it’s perfectly natural to be wanted by more than one girl.You remember this happening to a friend or to a ghost or to a celebrity. They all sailed through effortlessly. Well just remember you don’t have to do anything you don’t want to. Gifts…are OK. Dates are…Well, you decide. Sex is …Do I have to tell you?
Well, you got through somehow and now you’re going steady again until the next time. Keep it fresh and don’t worry. It’s your town you can do it!

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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