Lighter Than Air

Quickly, the petals fall like rain to the floor

It’s all over save the crying game.

Nameless names float around plucked from the surrounds

It’s fast to rot here in England.

Where lottery numbers play the winning game.

And aristocrats line the marble halls

wearing jeans and cotton mothballs So I am told.

The waist is greater than the hide which is mine

The waist is below and above the borderline

Where Madonna sang her tune many years ago Is now a gaping hole like bees filling an empty hive.

Mind over matter, all that matters is born anew every day

Everything else just goes away in the end

Speaking of which this is a poem, not an album but I am glad you are listening.

It is different when you’re alone with only music to set the tone. Bruce Springsteen talks about tasting blood. How old does he think I am?

I am free so Jesus tells me Keep going! I will look for a bench or a restaurant to replenish senses!

So that’s my anew and many horizons may have passed today but I still feel old and hoping to get an old poets honesty and tone and Toblerone. But that will take effort and time. Sianara! See you!

It’s knowing that you are lighter than air inside that matters not the glory not the hole that fills you with despair.

In the end, it’s what is there, not what is missing. You may weigh a hundred pounds but what I see is lighter than air.and what I don’t then I got it wrong didn’t I?

Take a care for the inner child, see that he gets home to be with the one or the closest.

It’s  a starry night tonight. For a change. What’s different? Keep it. It’s precious.

Elton John just walked in the room. It must be a glitter ball.

In the end, we want someone to be there. Bleak, thought I know. but the nonsense trail leads everywhere but home. Doesn’t it? Why can’t it end there instead of stuck on the ceiling time or whatever makes you mine exposed time after time?By bores. There I said it!

Life is a playground. Look I said it again!

Have fun. And take care!



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