Its possession time at number 99. Projectile vomit and priests crashing out of windows all over again! Where is the meaning in posession? It’s all fucking side show. Mental health from the dark ages. Insinuations on your moral approbations and mores. And not done by the church like Daniel and the Lion- Regan and the Crucifix? Bible Chapter 11 Bankruptcy. Repossessions after breakfast? Bacon and crucifix sandwiches? Tour around the grimaces and soiled bedclothes of a poor sanitation regime. Personal hygiene? Deodorant will solve many things but demonic possession? IDK. Radio DJ possessed by enthusiasm spreads joy into cars on the 8 am commute and is then eaten by a big dog. Scooby Doo. Zorro. Chipmonks. Zombies. Mindless killing and eating machines. Hearts for breakfast, Spleens for tea. It’s Monday Morning again! Aren’t you glad to be alive? All that weekend nonsense will continue as you get back to work and see that persona again. Packed lunch. Microwave. The built environment..You live work breathe commerce. Why couldn’t a computer do your job? More efficiently and without boundaries? A moral vaccum money makers dream? Mortgage payments maybe? It’s not Weezer is it? It isn’t Emily Dickinson on Acid. It’s conflgration of emancipation living for the now in a shitstorm of questions and answers smiles and secrets. Corners are places for turning and peeking through shop windows  at things. Gas lift. hypodermic needles. Heroin tea. Amphetamine coffee. Pub lunch Everyone is happy.Get home in time for tea. Do it all over again.

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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