If I were paper then consumed in conflagration would be like love is to me. Black soot marked where I stood. And the flame that said my name again and again to set these wheels in motion? Just there swivelling at the hips playing with her chin wearing that lovable grin!

Gift-wrapped lotions set in motion by a train of joys from the beginning to the end calling in at blessed company and perfumed riches station where we would take on water and food for the journey ahead.

Ridges and valleys deep and wide nestle chocolate box houses where girls wave their hats at passers-by on the train, going to nowhere land where there is a hostile sea to wend in and out of on the way to our destination.

Nothing is too much trouble while in repose travelling through a becalmed country where lighthouses warn of danger and heather makes a comfortbale seat improvised in the heat of the midday sun.

Straw boaters munched by an animal in a barn. Sun cream emergency!. Cats got the cream as we eat ice coloured mess from bowls with cherries on it. We eat our fill.

But afternoon clouds carry a warning. Wear a jumper this evening! After dinner we can relax or socialise or take in a film.

Light a candle for those we left we entwine leaving the train, the journey, the perfumed riches, the food, the cat that got the cream, the day the weather and the sea behind. Goodnight.


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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