This Summer I Will Do Battle

Listen up you meddling Post My Ass mess, You will Die.

This is my nirvana, This is my home and I’m whitling ash.

No tunes going for your funeral.

Cutting up your ways with Scissors.You will Die

Playing you like a stone and sinking you. You will Die

Pouring honey up your nose.You will die.

You won’t know which way were going as the shift begin.You will die.

You will die. You will die.

Drown you.gonna smash your ideas.

Gore you out like a Bird eating spider.

Burn you. You will Die.

Melt your senses like toffee and feed them to my dog

Grind you up face down so If you got a burden you will fear me

It will be my attack.

Forget defence… remember

A lesson by accident revile with

Cruelty honed  by inferno.

There’s no confessing to the sins I will accord your disposal.

Logical disasters are coming your way starting with your mind  like an M16 firing up into the sky taking out jumbos.Your stares my inclination your decree to lose your head and the shitstorm of your brain functioning.

as it comprehends a crushing from above

lightning bolt molten lead poured over you.

and you will wish you could attack like Pikachu.

When you are clinging to my mercy I will burn you like paper

I will waste you and grind off the face you wear which is stinking up my land

where you will fear to tread. You will die.

paperclip brain You will Die.


Written in anticipation of a battle. mmm. I can’t wait. I can really. I am a patient sort.mmm.

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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