Andrew Watkins 2016 © Created in Paint.NET

T-Shirt Design.

Half petrified robot, half cheeky chappie, Alternabot is the kind of alternative that likes to help old ladies cross the road or take the newspaper round to half crippled Hal who lives at number 28. In between being petrified and cheeky to his fully human parents and relatives Alternabot enjoys listening to alternative music, drawing Manga and saying funny things like ‘I’m a greaseball, lubed and ready’ and always carries round a tin of 3-in-1 oil just in case he freezes up and needs lubricating, something that happens more than often. The only problem with this plausible plan is that he forgets he is carrying the oil whenever he freezes and as such has to either wait until movement slowly returns or another like minded robot chappie/chapess lubricates for him. Life is really a journey between lubrication stops think Alternabot in reflective mood.:)

I hope you enjoy Alternabot. Say  Hi and make his day :D

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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