In with the big hitters, at last.

I can finally follow my dreams

to say goodbye to it all

and begin collecting roaches.

The look in your eyes

when I said goodbye

the look I know you got inside.

Together we can grow up and up

to the sky where we can collect roaches.

roaches are good, roaches are cool,

bring a jar and a big spoon!

Roaches are cool, roaches are clean

Barbeque the fat ones and eat with some cheese!

Roaches, roaches, roaches get a bad little rap

everyone thinks roaches are crap

but they haven’t spent a night smoking them out

under starlight eating corned beef hash and putting

the little roaches into jars. Har har. I can analyse

categorise, euthanise and pin them in my pin-up collection.

I am a scientist, an entomologist, call me what you will

I like roaches.

Roaches are good, roaches are cool, roaches look good on my wall.

killed in formaldehyde

found in your cupboard

by the water heater.

sending shivers down ya

the scientist will help ya!

Don’t yelp ya!

You’ll scare them away…


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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