Headache spoils a day in bed spent listening to music

dozing eyes closing then opening again to see my slice of heaven

Style my hair in an Emo fringe and pull hard, plan to get wax

before the big night out SOON. Eating cheese and typing. Headache.

optimism. gloom. pensivity. PLENTY of that going around.

Music come sausage fried in onions cum work of art works on me through the air while parts of me vibrate sympathetically. I’m a marvellous wonder, me. A piece of Gods Art made for all to see.product of copulation between my two favorite people. mum and dad.

and with a little something thrown in made me what i am today. Sad. Awkward. Lonely.

Muthafuckas.See that just appeared out of the mist. Got to watch me.wierd. loner. boner..

Vibrations coming in waves. Square waves. Triangle waves. Octogonal waves. Sheep

waves..Lemur waves. I wave back( happy to be noticed ) Strong waves. Thin waves. Sine waves.

waves. It takes all sorts of waves to make a sea. Ride the wave. he he.Ignore me or follow me completely. he he. Little jack horner sat in the corner…

there was a little rocket and lived in my pocket until one day it burned me. he he. I got the

scars on my arm to prove it. Burning wax. hot hot!

Lemonade Gin! Stomach rot.

Tin. Bin.Sin. How much time have you got left?

Want to get high? (touch the sky)

Want to get low? (push on those elbows)

Me I just want to sit.And to revisit it. What?

Time spent alone.


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