Like A Shining beacon in the Sky

An attraction to animals and fireflys

And various humans with different talents

Be our hinterhands, our winterlands , or grazing lands.

Be our home. Let the Stars Land Gently On Your Runways.

Tinseltown. Rock, Hewn out of the hills. Now Listen.

This land this fame, the coastal epiphany is closed

no more. Throw Open Your doors before the temperature

rises to above 451 inconveniently. Dancers, artists, thieves.

Actors, Directors, Leaves all flutter on by in this fairies dream.

Take a hold of the  nearest hand and dance off into wonderland.

Or send in your scripts, get on the right lists and continue on the road

to celluloid hard disc immortality or bread and butter to you and me. Be prepared: the

story never ends and pieces fall into place from all  over the place and time. All standing in

line legs swinging, bells ringing, chins held high in a procession you have never seen the

like since the nineteen thirties roared into being over a century ago. Check your Rolodex

email and see World Peace is scheduled in for 3:30. Make a cancellation for glee. or the

Never Ending Party now going on in the valley.

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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