Nature In A Day

How can I get back in one day all that I have experienced in nature?

A whistlestop tour of landmarks and waysides in all weathers perhaps?

Or just sitting back against a tree chewing a piece of grass while humming a tune gently?

Letting the ants crawl over my trouser legs and the roots of the tree disappearing into cracks and crevices too small for me to look inside.

And lay there under the midday sun while the birds coo and the wind rustles the branches on high.

As a dampness insinuates into my behind there is a gentle remind that us humans no longer live outdoors long having conquered trees for floorboards.

But as I stand up and brush off the dirt and look up at the tree I am reminded of the might that puts the greatness into the great outdoors.


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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