Oh Lord Shew Me The Wey To Go

Oh, Lord! You who is wise about all things in creation

Tell me what do do with my situation please hear me, Lord,

For I am about to walk the plank with someone of higher rank

and I  don’t know if I can trust them at all with my body or with my soul


Oh Lord, You created everything on the Earth so you know how they work

Let me know which way in these winding vines to go for I don’t really know

And cannot see what will be best for me if anything  has to change at all

I’d rather just stay at home on my bed but would be a fool to pass up bread


Oh Lord did you ever work at the BBC cause if you did you’d be telling me

what it’s like and if there are people to avoid and the like of which I don’t

know that why I pray to you! Help me. help me Help me Help me. Lord.

Help me. help me. help me. help me. Help me Help me. Good Lord Jesus.


In your wisdom in your mercy tell me what is real and what illusions

I am a monkey on a tree high up in the canopy and theres nothing but forest

below me and its a long way down to the ground If I fall. Did I get vertigo a

moment ago for in my heart was a stone and now its gone dissolved in love.


Thank you Lord for hearing my prayer You know people better than I

and you do care for those people below you in the ranks and file of humanity

And Im stronger since i realised this is a fact of life The King Reigns for life.

The King Reigns for life. The King Reigns upon high and we live in his shadow.

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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