Midnight Hour – Pillowtalk

It’s between meeting a stranger and sipping on a diet cola time. Do I read? Not often. Environmental sounds to cherish and ignore. Who knows what’s around the corner? I am not  a man but an 18-year-old girl! picking my man’s toes. Umbrellas at dawn! Apricot Jam and ham blueberry muffins with cream and tea an’ all! I am still in furry form stealing the hours past midnight.HARK! A lion roars! Heads turn and birds take flight into wilderness skies still bright with the memory of dawn. Storks…their necks bent emerge with struggling foe in its captive beak.A mudskipper gets swallowed whole. Bison at the waters edge upset by the crocodile splashing out. Jaws! Rainbow fish at dawn patrolling the coral reefers for unruly behavior.Spindly crabs take cover under rocks waiting for the next shrimp dinner while parrot fish rip limpets from the rocks with their powerful jaws. Yawn! It’s almost time for bed. In my head. The alarm goes off. (toff) I ignore it and turn over with memories of dawn. Dawn. Who is Dawn? Alarm call.Don’t worry that’s what police is for. I’m sure they have dealt with it before. What’s more it’s only half-past four!Dawn belongs to yesterday! Out of my way!I’m going back to sleep. Magic words in my head. Spoke to bed. Replies. Not in a while Now! OK then I’m going back to sleep! OK. Lets do it Now! Let me get comfy. Isn’t it warm… Fade to close.



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