Dawn: An Idea

What is new? Today is Monday. Again. What is blue? You? In a train loo. On fast forward to your destination. Quiet as the grave. Everybody looks so alive. Maybe it’s just me stumbling into another disaster. Plaster. Self-doubt for the moody. Moody’s. God, Your choosy. Am I all bluesy? Tuesday. Another day. Lost. Cost. Lost in hell with no directions to go away. Someplace else for a holiday. A Break of scenery. Change is a good as a break. Arm. Leg. Head. He’s good in bed. Cheeser. Pleaser. Weezer. Something is missing. Don’t let it be my job. Nob. Slob. Cheese on Toaster. Coaster. Life is a roller coaster ride. Inside. Jail. Hell. No bail. No return to Hogwarts. Bed.

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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