Lust and Louvre


Now. Do I feel prepared?
Today I will be perusing some of the nicest visages known to man
I will be walking, trotting, dawdling around and something may catch my eye
What will I do? What will I say? Without my old faithful there to protect me?
I might just look away to another world one filled with the same
But it would be an illusion all the day long.
What if A picture came to life and talked to me? Would I be afraid?
Why not? One should keep one’s sense about one. At all times.
The cobbled arches, the bricked streets, Whats not to like about this place?
Grab a picnic under a tree and forget about life’s gaiety and relax and unwind
in peace at last…
Got a ‘what about tomorrow?’ frame of mind as I try and unwind in the grass, at last.
What is there to do but breathe and swallow what life has to offer.
And forget about the same old things that cause us pain.Lives lead in vain.
Tears and heartache. For what? A Glass of white Chablis?
Take my card and forget me when blame is your mindset. Remember me when you choose to lose again, another fifteen minutes…to gain.


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