A Writers Tale

Glued to the spot. My hands already finding the keys, the story not formed in my conscious mind, I swallow my pride and type. Immediately I have a thought. A bit to the left it goes. Huh? A bit to the left of what? The left-hand side of the keyboard? Where are the Q,A,Z? It’s more than likely to be rudder left because when I write Its like  I am in charge of a little ship, somewhere out at sea and the writing is my course and trajectory home to port. That’s port as in dock, not left. Sometimes you think you have found port but it turns out to be an illusion or you do reach port but it’s still wrong because all you have written seems shallow and pointless, worst still uninteresting and boring. But it’s getting to port that matters! Huh! I hate being boring.Throw me a line, Let’s go chase a whale!

Re-writes. I hate re-writes. If it’s being edited for publication then Hey I am accommodating as hell We all want the same thing right? That’s OK but rewrites I do not do. Not like I used to. I would go and add entire paragraphs or even chapters but now I’m happy with what got written so go fly a kite Mr Re-write and leave me be to write something else.

Grammarly. Thank the gods for  the editor-on-the-fly that is Grammarly. Never has it been so easy to fix common mistakes made by all writers ostensibly for free. You have cleaned up my work when all I want to do is publish. and I feel better knowing some clever computer algorithm is doing a job I hate doing.

Erasers are so Last millennium but if you want to use one then draw doodles all over your book making clouds with erasers. You will look so artistic – your friends will love you.

That’s about it for ‘A Writers Tale’ today. We all like going on a journey so if you are thinking about writing get down that first few words and see where it takes you. Happy Reading!

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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