Due Diligence on Smart TV on the cheap

I am finding out about my new addition to my technology portfolio. An Amazon Fire TV Stick. It contains such goodies as Youtube, Spotify, A Movie Store which is overpriced when compared to DVD prices but then you can store your movies in the cloud which is preferable , of course. It also comes with TV thingies like IPlayer ITV Player CH4 player and probably On Demand 5 not that I’ve checked because my attention was diverted by Amazon Original Series of which there are many to choose from. What is an Amazon Original Series? Well, being lazy I have not done much in the way of research so If I tell that they are programmes or series entirely originally produced by Amazon and not some other TV company you might be being told fibs. But you believe me don’t you? Wikipedia will give you more in the way of guff than I can ever. SO. I had a browse look see and found a period costume drama set during the American Civil War which was fine as these things go in a movie made for television type of way. I am not saying anything about sitting down and watching the entire 3 seasons all 33 episodes in one sitting although its mildly ridiculous to imagine ANYONE doing that but it was entertaining and of similar quality  to other made for TV series made in America or anywhere else with high standards of TV production. Then I had a look at some movies available for Amazon Prime customers which at £7.99 a month is well worth the price of a couple of movie rentals even if the choice is limited. New titles are added regularly (their claim) so you will probably see something you haven’t before unless you are some sort of Movie Buff in which case another service is probably for you. Still for playing games like Tetris and Sonic the Fire TV Stick also comes out well containing many free games as well as those that you pay for but at reasonable costs (compared to consoles and PC). SO. You can listen to your favourite music at no extra cost, there are also some playlists under ‘Music’ like Film Scores which was a pleasant temporary distraction. It lets you catch up on TV you have missed, You can rent new movies or buy them or watch them for free as part of Amazon Prime, Access Youtube Ah. The Remote! The remote control lets you do all of the above include playing games. it is well made and durable which it needs to be because you have to click to do anything in Fire TV unless you go for the voice control version which is ten pound extra. Apparently it WORKS. So that’s me done for now. Amazon Fire TV . If you want to make your HDTV smart for under £40 then go for it!

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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