When Windows 95 Rocked

This one’s for you, my friend.


I used to think that long hair was cool, that Alanis Morrisette was a tool

And that Cummerbands were the height of goth fashion. And the world

was turning ever so slowly after the Mac plus and Mac SE30 days I remember

from my childhood spent spilling blood, unintentionally of course.


Then one day I heard upon biscuits dunking on the news of Windows and how

it was sweeping aside the Macs and Unix-like some big-eyed bug who liquefied

desktops for a living. Ha! I thought this Micro-soft Windows will soon be everywhere

Wouldn’t It be nice to have my share?


So off I went to Waterstones and my local Prometric testing centre and PC supplier

and purchase a Windows 95 desktop computer with modem and CD Drive and speakers.

I took it home and plugged it in and got it all setup. This is the future in my living room,

Big Spiders and A windows 95 manual the internet, Netscape and Paint Shop Pro!


I forgot that some boys wear curlers  and my time was miserable filled with icons and

progress bars while other partied from dusk until dawn and in magazines the strange

language used to explain was human enough to understand but alien enough to make me

dribble for the riches that would come if I tamed this dragon son of mine. Networking for

Windows 95.


For the record, it was just as I had envisioned. Everywhere you looked was Windows just

as predicted. I worked my way up to Head of Antivirus and saved the company millions

of beans by tackling Chernobyl to the ground before it took out the majority of the

desktops in our company. Promotion followed and a payrise.


But the wheels of change were turning and turning and my mainstay which was

mainframe became obsolete and then along came a manager and asked me ‘What is it

you actually do?’ I thought honesty would be the best policy but soon I found myself on

the moon an access programming book in my hand far away from the computer room of



It just goes to show that lives can and will change despite how much information you

give to your followers about your wisdom and experience which is worth less than a mint

boxed retail edition of Windows 95 OSR2 which can now change hands for twice its

original value.

So, friend. Thanks for dropping by and if you ever wonder why it’s the story that’s out to get you. Well, you could always try writing your own. 😉


Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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