Ode to Silence

Silence envelop me with your senses and soul.

Empathise, connect and cajole me from restless

to senseless bliss. To feel your calming kiss upon

my brow, to feel your steady hands on my shoulder 

while your breath washes over and bathes me until I mirror

with the subtle melancholy of your flow. This is the silence I crave and know.


You are always there flashing a little leg, saying ‘come and get me soul boy,’ like we are friends or something more. You are the cool stream that will wash away sorrow like so many dead leaves or remnants of a day. So you clean up and on you go On, Up and away into that place where silence goes when it needs a bit of a rest after another day of steadying another beating chest or drying a sweating brow. I wonder did you borrow the ambience of a sweaty field of gently farting cows silently eroding the ozone layer to quell my fear of flying?  I will never know because you are not around long enough to ask and in the case questions don’t matter anyway. Because In silence the mind can wander over walls and rooftops, motorways, factories and runways all the way to the moon where I imagine you can get a good nights sleep and recharge your batteries silence before another busy day soon.

So after spending a pleasant morning with you I have said not goodbye but adieu! until the next time, we seek each others company.


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