Phosphorescence illuminates the way, the path, the light ahead and guides us like moths towards dawn where a thousand cries will illuminate our way.

A rusting Fridge left outside and not collected will illuminate our way.

A Crowd of Schoolkids chattering loudly will illuminate our way.

Our internal thoughts will illuminate our way.

Caught in a headlight beam, a rabbit will illuminate our way.

Flying down from above A Helicopter, onboard an Angel will illuminate our way.

Scurrying out of the light a mole will illuminate our way

Bashing wing mirrors in with a cricket bat yobs will illuminate our way.

Ears are holes that I will fill with my words

For that is what I do, or try to, to illuminate my way.

Onto the next level, the upgrade day, the Easter Egg.

Searching for meaning in these words will help illuminate the way

Even if they come up empty. Disappointment. It’s what you do, how you get there that matters. How you illuminate the way.

Published by Andrew Mark Watkins

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